Scholarship Fund Application

The deadline to complete this application is EXTENDED TO JUNE 10, 2022.

Mail Official Transcripts* to WEAT Scholarship Fund, C/O Lindsay Kovar 10777 Westheimer, Ste 400, Houston Texas 77042.

*Transcripts may be mailed after the application but must be received no later than July 7, 2022.

AWARD DATE: Recipients will be selected by August 12, 2022. Once a scholarship recipient is selected, a check will be issued to their respective University on behalf of the student. Scholarship stipends are distributed in two parts. The second is dependent on the student providing a mid-year transcript proving that a GPA of 3.0 or greater has been maintained.

SCHOLARSHIP CRITERIA: Candidate must be an active individual member or a legal dependent of an active member of WEAT. (A legal dependent is being financially supported by the WEAT member and is claimed on their income tax return.) The student must be enrolled in College for the semester immediately following awarding of funds. All scholarships are competitive and based on the ranking criteria provided.

If you meet the eligibility criteria shown here, carefully complete all parts of the following application. If something is not applicable please put NA. If you have any questions, please email