Endowments are a key component of our Scholarship Funds. 

With the approval of the WEATSF Board of Directors, special endowments may be formed and named according to the wishes of the donor or Sponsoring Organization. Some have already been formed to honor or recognize an individual (alive or deceased) for their contribution to the water/wastewater utilities profession. Others have been created by special interest groups or WEAT Sections. The endowment creators may establish additional criteria for awarding their funds provided the additional criteria do not supersede or contradict the criteria established by the Fund. If you are interested in learning more please reach out to us using our “Contact Us” page or complete an application and provide the initial contribution amount of $500

Sieger Memorial Endowment

The Sieger Memorial Endowment was created to commemorate the life and contributions of Ronald B. Sieger, P.E. At the time of his passing Ron was Vice President and Principal Technologist for CH2M Hill. Throughout his distinguished career he made many meaningful and substantial contributions to improving wastewater quality. His work on wastewater treatment and residuals projects was known worldwide. Ron eagerly contributed his time and talent to several professional organizations, but he the dearest to his heart were his friends and associates at WEAT. He enjoyed and gave freely of his time in mentoring young people entering the industry. Scholarships provided by the Sieger Endowment allow us to help fulfil his wish to bring more young people into the industry.

Joe Rodriguez Memorial Endowment

The Joe Rodriguez Memorial Endowment was created by Hartwell Environmental Corp in 2012 upon the untimely passing of Joe Rodriguez. Joe was a graduate engineer and spent more than 41 years in our industry in design, manufacturing and sales capacities. He very much enjoyed supporting WEAT and TXAWWA particularly the Young Professional Organization (YPO), hence the reason a scholarship fund was created and is so important to preserve the memory of his many contributions.

Curtis Smalley Memorial Edowment

The Curtis Smalley Memorial Endowment was created to honor the passion and work of Curtis Smalley. Curtis was an active WEF/WEAT member for more than 25 years. He embodied the roles of wastewater operator and became known as a true water leader, whose larger than life presence was only overshadowed by his immense passion for water and the need to protect it. He got his start in the water industry as a wastewater operator and was dedicated to advancing the professionalism of water and wastewater operators. He viewed water as the most important element on Earth and encouraged others to feed their passion and let it infect others.

Riley Crocker Endowment

The Riley Crocker Endowment was established in December of 2019 to honor the life and work of Riley Crocker. Riley was a long-time member of WEF/ WEAT and an avid supporter of the Ops Challenge Event at the annual Texas Water Conference.

Northeast Texas Section Endowment

The Northeast Texas Section of WEAT comprises counties surrounding Longview, Tyler, Lufkin, and Texarkana. It is an active WEAT Section holding regular bimonthly meetings. In an effort to advance industry growth and give back to its members, the NET Section created the NET Section Endowment on December 30, 2013. Scott Baggett is the official Endowment Representative.

Kenneth D. Dodson Endowment

The Kenneth D. Dodson Endowment was established in the spring of 2011 to honor the lift and work of Kenneth Dodson. Kenny worked in the water and wastewater industry for 30 years and left a lasting impact on our industry that will always be remembered. He was a larger than lift personality that could captivate a room with his amazing stories and his strong southern charm. Kenny was an outstanding mentor that understood the importance of showing how things work. He worked with engineers and junior associates every chance he got and dedicated his professional career to educating and entertaining those around him. Kenny’s giving spirit lives on supporting young professionals through the Kenneth D. Dodson Endowment and the YP Dodson Drive 5k, which is the endowment’s fund raising event held every year during the Texas Water Conference.

Visit the YP Dodson Drive social Media page at www.facebook.com/YPDD5k for more information.

San Antonio Section Endowment

The San Antonio Section Endowment was established in March of 2015. The San Antonio Section of WEAT is one of WEAT’s most active sections and recognizes the need to help fund the education of tomorrow’s industry leaders. The Section places great importance on career development and believes assisting in educational enhancement is vital to the industry, and vital to its Section membership. James Scardami is the endowment representative.

Southeast Section Endowment

The Southeast Texas Section Endowment is to support, promote, and encourage the educational pursuits and goals of active members, or their college bound dependents. Each year the endowment chooses at least one applicant yearly to award a scholarship of at least $500. Preference is given to students with degree programs with the intention of entering the environmental field including Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, Management and Public Administration. However, all degree programs are welcome and considered. Additional Preference is given to students in close geographical proximity to WEAT Southeast Texas.

Stacie Long Memorial Endowment

Friends and family of Stacie Long created the memorial endowment in the spring of 2016 to memorialize Stacie’s work with the industry as a former City of Austin employee. While with the City of Austin, Stacie was a project manager for portions of the WTP4 project, as well as others.

Thomas Taylor Endowment 

WEAT Scholarship Fund Endowment

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